The Turn

In Mordheim you are in a charge of a warband and your opponent is in charge of another.

The warriors and scenery in the game are set up on the tabletop in a way that is appropriate for the encounter you are fighting. Do not worry about this for now as these things will be explained in full in the Scenarios section.

To play, one side takes a turn, then the other side, then the original side and so on, much like in a game of draughts or chess. When it is your turn, you may move all your models, shoot with any warriors able to do so, and fight in hand-to-hand combat. Once your turn is complete, it is your opponent’s turn to move, shoot and fight.


To keep track of who is doing what and when, each turn is split into four phases. This is called the Turn sequence.

Turn Sequence

1) Encounter: During this phase an encounter card is drawn to determine if there is a random encounter this turn. If so, it is resolved.

2) Recovery: During the recovery phase you may attempt to rally individuals who have lost their nerve and recover models that are knocked down or stunned.

3) Move and Shoot: During the move and shoot phase you may move the warriors of your warband in a variety of ways including charging, fleeing and running. Shooting is also resolved in this phase (see design notes).

4) Magic: In the magic phase any warriors able to cast spells may do so.

5) Hand to Hand Combat: During the hand-to-hand combat phase all models in hand-to-hand combat may fight. Note that both sides fight in the hand-to-hand combat phase, regardless of whose turn it is.

The Turn

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